Vintage Iron

Artist Jim Bremer recreates the look of vintage photographs in this series of trucks on the farm and in the work place.

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MobileGasTruck66WreckerWIceCreamTruckMack Cement truckRedDiamondT.WBig Iron Chevy1.BlackWidowSpider8.OldNo.312.RidingWithDad16.TexasRed17.TheBumpyRide24.Drill Baby Drill32.AGirlASong39.TheLongHaulButterThemUp

Truck Stop

From pickups to eighteen-wheelers, American trucks are part of pop-culture and history.  They evoke nostalgic memories of days-gone-by and remind us of simpler times.

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JunkyardZombieBlacktopVampireW2.BlueMoonForChucky3.BlueSteelCoffin11.Reincarnation13Roach Motel15.Shake&BakeTaxi18.The Buzzard'sCage29.Race2Hell

Junkyard Zombies

Strap yourself in for a ride down the Highway to Hell.

Originally a counter-reaction to the high-priced “customs” and typical hot rods, many of which were seldom driven and served only a decorative purpose. The rat rod’s inception signified a throwback to the hot rods of the earlier days of hot-rod culture—built according to the owner’s abilities and with the intention of being driven. Rat rods are meant to loosely imitate, in both form and function, the “traditional” hot rods of the era. Biker, greaser, rockabilly, psycobily, and punk sub-cultures are often cited as influences that shaped rat rodding.


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61CaddyW59Eldorado9.Predatory Lender20.BattaBing33.JonahWhale37.FleetwoodFelonyEldoradoEldoradoConvertLaSallivateMoonlightMercury36.WhatWould CadillacsMercuryRisingB&W

Car Noir

This gallery is infuenced by Fim Noir, a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. Hollywood’s classical film noir period is generally regarded as extending from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. Many of the prototypical stories and much of the attitude of classic noir derive from the hardboiled school of crime fiction that emerged in the United States during the Great Depression.

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The Future is in the PastBigKahoona.W58ChevyPopeElvisRidingWithPatseyWSundownMerc19.TheThrill23.I Spell freedom CAR34.SinCityFantacyOrangeDeucePontiacRedWoodyRocketToNashville42.PlanetCadillac copy43.TheRoadTo Stardom45.BestFoodInTheGalaxy

Glory Days

In the late 1940’s through the 1950’s the automobile dominated American culture. The atomic age and the race to space were dominant influences in car design. Colorful paint schemes, chrome grills and accents, and wide whitewall tires defined the look. Bigger was better in the era of 20 cents per gallon gas.

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